Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Proof There Is A God

Only with the help of a divine being could a website we dedicated to nothing but bacon. Is there a more magical meat?

Who Do You Hate The Most?

Let's take a poll. What type of person do you hate the most?

1) Those stupid fuckin know it all types that think they know everything but are almost dumber that dirt.

2) Those who really are dumber than dirt and go through life thinking that no one will notice.

We're not talking about those who really do know it all. We must all bow to their mighty wit. Post who you hate the most, number 1 or number 2?

Monster Jam Ripoff

Boy am I pissed! You spend a couple hundred bucks and half a day to see some huge alcohol fueled trucks tearing the fuck out of things, and what happens? I will tell you what happens. The jackoffs running the show stop the headline attraction from running because a piece breaks on his truck. WHAT THE FUCK! Have they ever been to one of their shows? That is the whole point; they race then break their shit. They sometimes even run with two wheels missing. You be the judge. Watch this freestyle run and you decide if Grave Digger should have been stopped from running.

Fuckin douche bags. Is there anything in this world that won't be destroyed by god damn lawyers, politicians or nosey self righteous Baptists?

Monkey Butt Powder

I think S.H.I.T. Admin could have used this in college. It's about time someone does something about dreaded monkey butt. Shave away Mr. Admin, we got your backside...

I am sure you are wondering, where can I buy this wonderful product. Surely our science is not advanced enough to cure monkey butt. Wait no more, you can get it at and Here is a link to a few sources.

Get Your Monkey Powder From!

Get Your Monkey Butt Powder From

Here is a brief history of the Monkey Butt disease from our partners at

Monkey Butt Faq's

$28,000 AT&T Phone Bill

Check out this news story from our buddies over at Yahoo!

Bears fan watches NFL game on laptop, gets $28,000 phone bill
Wed Feb 25, 2009 1:07PM EST
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Take an AT&T wireless card with an unlimited data plan, add a laptop loaded with Slingbox software, and toss in a diehard Bears fan on a Caribbean-bound cruise ship that was still sitting in the Port of Miami. What could go wrong? A $28,000 phone bill, that's what.

The scary story comes from an advice column (dubbed "The Fixer") in the Chicago Sun-Times (and discovered by the tireless bloggers at Engadget HD), and yes, folks—there's a happy ending.

So here's what happened, according to AT&T subscriber (victim?) Wayne Burdick of Schamburg, Il:

I was in Miami on Nov. 2 getting ready to go on a Caribbean cruise. I wanted to catch the Bears game before we left port. I have this wonderful Slingbox connected to my cable box, that feeds into my modem. It sends my cable signal through the Internet to my computer. I can then watch my cable package and DVR wherever I go. I just slide in my AT&T wireless card and click on Slingbox and up comes my cable TV.

Yep—pretty nice setup, as I can attest after my tests with one of the newer Slingbox models using a Sprint wireless EV-DO data card (read my review of the Slingbox PRO-HD here).

OK, so then what? Well, as Burdick told the Sun-Times, he did what any true Bears fan would do—he fired up his laptop, connected to his Slingbox via his AT&T wireless card, and watched a couple hours of the game.

Yes, he was on a cruise ship, but the ship was sitting in the Port of Miami the whole time, so it's not like he was roaming in international waters (and Burdick notes that he was careful not to use his phone during the cruise itself, for fear of racking up monstrous international roaming charges).

Nevertheless, Burdick says he came home to a rude shock: a cell phone bill for a whopping $28,067.31. Subtract about $200 in typical monthly charges, and you end up with about $27,000 in data overages. Uh ... say what?

Well, lucky for Burdick, the Sun-Times "Fixer" took his case to AT&T (along with proof from the cruise line that the boat was, indeed, still in port at the time Burdick was watching the game) and got to the bottom of it.

Turns out Burdick's wireless card was "picking up a signal it shouldn't have" and (presumably) ended up in international roaming mode—think two cents per kilobyte, which can certainly add up after watching streaming video for two hours. Bottom line: AT&T ended up picking up the tab.

OK, so what's the moral of the story, besides being extra careful when using your wireless networking card at the Port of Miami?

As we've warned many times before, check with your carrier if you're planning on calling or surfing while traveling abroad; most carriers have international calling and data plans that'll save you from a terrifying phone bill.

$27,000 to watch a Bears game?!? [Chicago Sun-Times, via Engadget HD]

See the original story here:

Monday, February 23, 2009

More Bacon Dishes

Is there anything better than bacon? I think not! Next time you're fryin up some viddles, why not whip up a skillet full of this...

My chest hurts just looking at it.

Interesting Sign

Anyone see the hidden message in this sign?

Take a closer look. Is it just me, or is she laying on a bed and money changing hands here? Just what kind of services are being offered?

Saturday, February 14, 2009

An Actual Technology Post

If you ever need to figure out how to fix a corrupt Thunderbird address book, check this out.

Body Floss

Mrs. Shit Admin managed to gross even me out with this:

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

February is Bacon Stupidity Month

If there's one thing we like on this blog as much as a cheap poo joke, it's bacon.

I just found out this month is bacon stupidity month. Commit yourself to eating nothing but bacon for a month. This guy did. I'm sure there's a special place in heaven for those who make it through the bacon stupidity month. The pope doesn't call them indulgences for nothing.

If just plain bacon gets boring during bacon stupidity month, may I suggest the bacon explosion. I know the sausage in the recipe might invalidate the "bacon only" tenet of bacon stupidity month, but I'm sure the double dose of bacon will more than make up for it.

After eating your bacon explosion, be sure to floss your teeth with bacon floss.

After flossing, remember that according to the Mythbusters, vodka makes a good mouthwash. To stay in the spirit of bacon stupidity month, make sure to rinse with Bacon Vodka

Finally, in the spirit of bacon stupidity month, please view our updated website.

Finally, I promise no more bacon posts for the rest of the day.