Tuesday, February 3, 2009

February is Bacon Stupidity Month

If there's one thing we like on this blog as much as a cheap poo joke, it's bacon.

I just found out this month is bacon stupidity month. Commit yourself to eating nothing but bacon for a month. This guy did. I'm sure there's a special place in heaven for those who make it through the bacon stupidity month. The pope doesn't call them indulgences for nothing.

If just plain bacon gets boring during bacon stupidity month, may I suggest the bacon explosion. I know the sausage in the recipe might invalidate the "bacon only" tenet of bacon stupidity month, but I'm sure the double dose of bacon will more than make up for it.

After eating your bacon explosion, be sure to floss your teeth with bacon floss.

After flossing, remember that according to the Mythbusters, vodka makes a good mouthwash. To stay in the spirit of bacon stupidity month, make sure to rinse with Bacon Vodka

Finally, in the spirit of bacon stupidity month, please view our updated website.

Finally, I promise no more bacon posts for the rest of the day.

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