Saturday, January 2, 2010

Poopdeck Pappy

Anyone of a certain age grew up watching Popeye. One of the lesser known but memorable characters from the Popeye cartoons was Poopdeck Pappy. Poopdeck Pappy made his first appearance in 1936 and was soon revealed to be Popeye's 99 year old father. Here is a picture of the Poopdeck Pappy I remember from my childhood.

But there is another Poopdeck Pappy I recently discovered while searching the world wide web. This Poopdeck Pappy is not as comical as the Popeye character. Here is what our friends over at the Urban Dictionary have to say about Poopdeck Pappy.
1. poop deck pappy

you have your girl friend shit on your chest and she feeds it to you with her feet. she stands beside you and uses her foot to pick up the poop and put it and her foot into your mouth.

She is a freak, she shit right on my chest then used her toes to pick it up piece by piece and put it into my mouth, making me clean em off everytime. i told my buddies about it and they now call me "poop deck pappy" cause my kid was runnin around while i told the story.

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